Insurance / Security

Insurance through your current provider is always the least expensive route. Ask for a storage rider on your current policy. If you require Storage Insurance, all risk replacement cost coverage, please contact:

Sears Insurance Ltd.
143 Highfield Street
Moncton NB E1C 5N8
Ph: (506) 857-1380

Sears Insurance are brokers for P.A.L. Insurance who specialize in insurance for reputable facilities across Canada. Insurance can be purchased from one month to yearly policies. They offer economical rates and many types of coverage.

Security – Key Pad Access

Fenced in compound. Access is controlled and captured by the surveillance system.

We have 24 hour Digital Video Recorded (DVR) surveillance.

As a downtown merchant, we have police patrols regularly, especially during night time hours. They drive by, inspect and check all of our buildings.

You are required to use our storage facility locks, designed for the doorways so you cannot lock yourself out of the unit and they cannot be cut with bolt cutters.  If you do not have this type of lock, you may purchase a padlock, at our office, $15.00 plus HST for your unit(s).

Each padlock comes new in a package with two keys. You are the only key holder and control who comes and goes. We do not have master keys for any of the locks and have no access to your contents.

The lock is yours to keep. Use it again if you storage with us again or sell it to a friend who needs our services. They are excellent to use around the house. Lock up bikes, propane tanks, sheds, etc.

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