Q – How high are the ceilings?

Each unit has 8′ ceilings

Q – What type of doors?

The units have roll up doors

Q – What kind of access do I have?

You have 24-hour access, seven days per week, including holidays.

Q – When is rent due?

We are on a 28 day, 4 week cycle, due at the start of each cycle. Grace period of 10 days to make a payment then a late penalty applies and you are locked out of the gate.

Q – How can I pay?

We accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard and E-transfer. You can also CLICK HERE to pay online.

Q – Will I be billed each term ?

No. We do not send out a bill. We can send out payment receipts if you have chosen to have automatic payments put through your credit card.

Q – Do I have to give notice to move out?

No, we would appreciate it if you have a rough idea of when you are going to vacate.

Q – What do I do with my padlock?

You have purchased the lock, it is yours to take when you vacate. If you vacate when we are not in the office, remove the lock and pull the door down. You will pay for the unit as long as the lock is on the door.


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